Atlanta Decks Construction

We design and build any deck!

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Remodeling your backyard is a lot like remodeling your house. The most important aspect is trust in your contractor. Everything we do at Equality Painting is targeted at building and maintaining that trust. The most important element of our design process is you! We listen to what's important to you, your family and your lifestyle. You may know exactly what you want; or you may have no idea, but you probably know how you want to use the space. We help with design alternatives, material considerations, features, budgetary considerations and the little things that make your space as unique as you are. There is no charge for your design consultation.

Once you're satisfied with the design, our internal process kicks in. We help you obtain all necessary city permits, if necessary, schedule resources and materials, manage construction and ensure the highest quality.

Our crews include the finest carpenters and masons in Georgia. We are proud to say that our trades people have been part of the Equality Painting team for several years and work directly from a detailed set of blueprints created by Equality Painting.

Our mission is to design and build the project you want, when you want it, using the highest quality and customer service you deserve.

Equality Painting Value Proposition

You get a beautifully crafted, custom designed outdoor living space; professionally managed with a superior level of customer service, and backed by a strong warranty without the risks normally attributed to a construction process.

Our Process

When you choose Equality Painting for your outdoor living project, in addition to getting the best construction experience you also buy into our process. We're proud of our process and proud to share it with you here. The process can be broken into four major phases:

• Design
• Pre-Construction
• Construction
• Quality Management

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