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Fence, Deck Cleaning and Wood Restoration

atlanta deck pressure washing

If you have a wood deck or Fence that hasn't been cleaned recently, you need to consider having it cleaned and sealed before the wood becomes damaged. Restoring a Fence or deck is a much simpler process if the wood is still in good condition and can save you thousands in replacement costs if done on a regular basis.

The main things involved in wood restoration is the fence & deck cleaning process and the wood sealing steps and products used to do the job. Both of these steps go hand-in-hand with each other to accomplish a common goal; a beautiful, long lasting deck. To get this type of result, you must first start with a clean wood deck so the wood stains or sealers can bond to the wood surface as intended. This insures maximum protection from nature. Most fences however do not need stain unless the homeowner requests it from us. They will last longer with a just a good water seal applied with an airless sprayer.

atlanta staining decksThere are some dangers in power washing fences & decks that you should be aware of. Wood is actually very soft and can be literally shredded apart by a pressure washer with the water pressure set too high. Different types of wood require different amounts of pressure so if you are unsure about what type of wood your deck is built with, you start in a hidden area and pay close attention to the distance between the tip of the wand and the surface of the fence or deck. Getting too close can cause severe wood damage even with the right pressure.

If you are not experienced with operating a pressure washer or if you don't have experience with staining wood, you may not want to tackle a fence or deck restoration project yourself. The best solution for cleaning decks and applying wood stains or sealers is to hire a professional pressure washing contractor to do the job for you.

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At Equality Painting, we can come out and wash off your aging and stained deck and come back the next day when it's dry and apply the stain for you, just give us a call or contact us right away to get started.

Concrete Cleaning for Cement Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalks

clean drivewayCement can be one of the most challenging substances around a home to clean. Concrete is very porous which allows dirt, tree sap and rust stains or actually mineral stains, to sink deep down making it almost impossible to clean with just soap and water. In order to clean concrete effectively, you must use a commercial grade power washer along with professional grade cleaners made for cleaning concrete. So forget about using off-the-shelf cleaners and the ninety dollar pressure washer, that is unless you really just need an excuse to play in the water or want to deep clean the soles of your shoes, because that's about all you are going to accomplish if you try to clean cement driveways or sidewalks with the items mentioned above.

Some other things to take into consideration when cleaning cement and driveways is the size of the areas that need to be cleaned and the time it will take to clean that large of an area. Typical driveways can run around 18' x 30' and escalate up to around 20' x 80' or more. That means you could be pressure washing concrete areas that are between 540 sf to more than 1600sf. Does power washing concrete still look like a fun-in-the-sun project?

Well, now that you know how much you have to clean, start figuring on how long it will take you with one of those cheap pressure washers that clean concrete somewhere in the neighborhood of one square foot per minute, and that's with a professional grade concrete cleaner. This means you would spend about 9 hours without a break just to halfway clean a 18' x 30' driveway. How about 27 hours to clean a 20' x 80' driveway? It is starting to look like you better cancel all of your plans for that type of weekend project.

There is a much simpler way to get your driveway, walkways and sidewalk clean; just hire a professional concrete cleaning contractor that is equipped with the proper cleaning equipment and has the experience to do the work right. That would allow you to keep your plans and save you back from some long hours in the sun and or in our situation the rain!